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Adult Kung Fu

What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is the traditional Chinese martial art practiced by millions of people in China, as well as in other countries.  Almost all of the other Asian martial arts have been derived from or were greatly influenced by Chinese Kung Fu.  Thus, Kung Fu can be said to be the “mother system” of almost all the martial arts. Kung Fu is an all-encompassing martial art, whereas most other forms are narrower in scope.  Japanese Karate-Do deals mainly with punching, blocking, and kicking. Japanese Judo deals mainly with throws and locks. Korean Tae Kwon Do deals mainly with empty hand and kick techniques.  Chinese Kung Fu has empty hands, kicks, blocks, throws and joint-locks as well as weapon techniques, and finally healing skills. Kung Fu truly covers a much broader scope than any other martial art.

The terms “Kung” and “Fu” are Chinese terms that literally mean “accomplishment” through time and “Effort or Energy”.  This generic term was used by people to refer to anything that required a great SKILL, because a skill is acquired through a large amount of time and effort.  Hence, a good chef preparing a delicious meal can be said to have good “Kung Fu” or skill.  However, in modern times the meaning has become synonymous with all the Chinese Martial Art systems. 

You'll improve your physical health

Life is full of demanding activities on the body.  Simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs can leave us winded. Finding the energy to go through our daily routine can be quite exhausting.  Our program will increase your stamina, which will help you take on your busy schedule more easily.

Traditional Hand Forms are a series of prearranged movements that have been handed down by the ancient masters to serve as a living encyclopedia of self-defense maneuvers and secret techniques.  However, many people overlook the actual physical conditioning that the forms afford the practitioner.  Indeed, Kung Fu is perhaps one of the best aerobic exercise regiments devised by man.  The cardiovascular system is thoroughly worked.  Muscular development is enhanced.  Respiratory functions are increased, and overall health is maintained and heightened.  In short, you become healthier, youthful and more energetic!

The ultimate method of self-defense

Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most proven methods of self-defense created by man.  Many martial arts depend on only one theory of defense (i.e. punching and kicking; grappling on the ground; or joint locks and throws.)  We believe that in order to protect yourself more efficiently, you have to be familiar with all these different levels of engagement.  We teach practical escapes and realistic defenses that can be mastered by everyone. Truly, Kung Fu is the ultimate method of self-defense.

Improve your ability to focus

Whether you are a busy professional or a child in school, focus and concentration are tools that are needed throughout your life.  Kung Fu has been used as a method of training the mind to focus for centuries.  Focus and awareness are enhanced through exercises that require the mind and body to work as one.


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