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Weaponry & Martial Arts Skills 

Our Weapons Program is based on authentic Chinese Kung Fu Mastery.


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Weapons Program

Perhaps no other culture has such a wide and varied amount of exotic weapons than China.

This is what seems to allure many practitioners to Chinese Kung Fu.  The weapons are beautiful, peculiar and quite intricate.

We train with these weapons at our studio for dexterity, coordination, esoteric mobility, and to preserve the culture and teachings of the great masters of China.  Before guns, these ancient weapons were used on the battlefields with effective skill from the warriors who possessed them.  Today, we can adapt them for practical self-defense (such as a stick found on the street, etc.)   Truly, mastery of more than one weapon was necessary.

Many Martial Arts schools only teach the 4 "standard" weapons - Staff, Broadsword, Spear, & Straight SwordBut at American Kung Fu Academy, Master James McLin and Senior Master Chuck Perry are certified in over 40 different exotic weapons!  No Instructors in Central Louisiana can match these qualifications!  Thus, we are your foremost experts in Weaponry and Martial Arts skill.

Our Weapons program is second to none.  Many schools wait until the student has almost achieved Black Belt before teaching any weapon.  However, at American Kung Fu Academy, we believe that the student should begin at an earlier stage of training that is practical while providing a safe and easy-to-learn pace.


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