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Kung Fu for Adults

Improve Physical Fitness

Life is full of demanding activities on the body.  Simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs can leave us winded.  Finding the energy to go through our daily routine can be quite exhausting.  Our kung fu schoolwill increase your stamina which will help you take on your busy schedule more easily.  

Increase Mental Focus

Whether you are a busy professional or a college student, focus and concentration are tools that are needed throughout your life.  Martial Arts have been used as a method of training the mind to focus for centuries.  Focus and awareness are enhanced through exercises that require the mind and body to work as one. Martial arts classes for adults will sharpen your mind and enhance your physical fitness.

Learn Self Defense Skills

Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most proven methods of self defense created by man.  Many martial arts depend on only one theory of defense (i.e. punching and kicking, grappling on the ground, or joint locks and throws.)  We believe that in order to protect yourself more efficiently, you have to be familiar with all these different levels of engagement.  We teach practical escapes and realistic defense that can be mastered by everyone.  Truly, Kung Fu is the ultimate method of self defense.