Young Dragons

Improve Physical Fitness and Mental Alertness

We have a variety of special programs that are aimed at our "little dragons."  Children learn physical fitness and mental alertness that allows them to take pride in themselves.  This furthers their participation and contributions in classroom situations.  their new sources of energy and physical agility help them perform better at sports and other activities.   

Improve Social Skills

The program assists children in making friends easier and teaches them to have respect for authorities as well as for themselves.  In general, the program will enable youngsters to achieve much greater social, physical, mental, and emotional growth. 

Improve Focus & Discipline

Kung Fu has been shown to greatly improve the focus of many children with Attention Deficit Disorders including ADHD.  This type of child needs a well structured environment and a well structured program such as ours at American Kung Fu Academy.  Our qualified instructors will help the child learn to concentrate and focus.  Many of today's youth need discipline and self discipline to function as productive members of our society.  Kung Fu training can help!

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